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You're already running a small business.  Now it's time
to treat it like one. 

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Join us on Saturday, June 19th 
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When you learned your craft your teachers said that if you were great at what you do that you’d be successful.  It might be a little tough to get started, but OF COURSE you can make it!  You have the talent, drive, and determination.  But what those teachers left out of the equation is the BUSINESS part.  So you only have half of what it takes to make money doing what
you love with all of your artistic talent and passion.  What's worse is...


The part that got left out is that business makes the difference in you having a creative career for life, or throwing in the towel.  You've heard you need to know this stuff, but what do your really need to know?


What you already know is that you could be very successful and highly acknowledged for your work if you could figure out how to run your career like the business that it is, otherwise it's just an expensive hobby, right?


You've got BIG dreams and BIGGER goals, but where oh where to start?


Whether you’re beginning your career path fresh out of the gate or you’ve been at this for a while, first examining the mindset of Being Your Own CEO will get this party started FAST.  I can feel that you're ready so let's get you going!

Taking this workshop will make it simple and easy
for you to take the right steps in creating a sustainable creative business. 

One that makes you proud and one that makes you money.


  • You kinda THINK like an entrepreneur, or at least you’d like to, but don’t know if you have enough experience to figure out this crazy business on your own.  

  • You’re certain that if taught some basics and with a bit of encouragement, you’d put in the time and effort to MAKE IT HAPPEN, despite any obstacles.

  • You’re into a little bit of control, like me, and you want to be at the cause of the matter, not the effect of the circumstances.

  • And you need to feel that the experience of running your career won’t be overwhelming or take you away from your artistic pursuits, am I right?

Here's some really nice things some folks who've taken the course had to say about this workshop.

"Lisa, not to get all corny but this workshop was like divine intervention for me. I’ve been completely stuck with no foreseeable plan for moving ahead in my career for at least a year. Now I feel like a weight has been lifted because I now have a manageable plan. It’s amazing to no longer feel overwhelmed by the business side of things, because let’s get serious, we didn’t get this in college. It’s great that you recognized the need for this kind of class and I will definitely tell all of my creative friends that they could benefit from your programs." ~ Rebecca Moore

"I absolutely loved this class. It was more than I ever expected. The workshop was super informative, fun and a big wake up call. I definitely have a new found appreciation for myself as a model, actress and entrepreneur. Who knew? Thanks for your knowledge, wisdom and BIG personality. You are a breath of fresh air in this industry." ~ Monique Pridgeon

"Much of what I experienced today I somewhat knew from my own career. What set this workshop apart from other sessions I’ve taken in the past, is both the good, solid info, and Lisa’s wonderful style…down to earth, no nonsense, no candy-coating the industry. I’ll tell others about this workshop because although things and people must continually change, I know Lisa Gold will always be recognizable!"  ~ James Briggs Murray


  • Learn all about the 5 different “departments” you’ve got to focus on in order to have a fully functional money making business – CEO, Marketing/PR Director, CFO (the money, honey), Secretary and oh yeah, Creative Artist…I think you’ve got that one down.

  • You'll do actual work in this workshop...hands on exercises that show you what best actionable next steps to take the day after the workshop, then the day after that...

  • Create new habits that include the 7 most essential ones that highly effective and successful artists do EVERY DAY.

  • You'll leave the workshop knowing how to do today what others won’t, so that you can do tomorrow what others can’t!

  • Recorded reply of the entire course for you to keep and review.

June 19th

11am to 2pm Pacific
2pm to 5pm Eastern

Only $47
Sold Out!
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I can imagine your wheels turning and your brain blaring out loud - "I'm an artist/actor/content creator/ singer/painter/filmmaker/screenwriter/dancer/author and all I want to do is my art and craft!"


Just like all a chef wants to do is cook and make great food and a mom just wants to take care of her kids, or a doctor wants to make others well, we ALL need to do some other things, vitally important things, that support our desires and passions. Especially if you want your passion to be your money making career.


You will be given info on ways to make the other stuff that may seem like a drag, fun and easy.  You’ll actually learn to love to schedule action items, receive support in accomplishing them, create systems of support and celebrate when you cross the finish line of meeting those fabulous goals.


Hey, time is gonna pass anyway (if you’re lucky, right?) so why not take the bull by the horns?

Questions & Answers


We will be live on Zoom on June 19th. After the workshop you'll get an email with the replay to keep forever.  You'll want to review what you learned to keep in momentum.


Yes, absolutely. Of course it's best if you can attend live, but you'll still get the great info and a 2nd ticket for a friend.


Because this is a live workshop, there will be no refunds given. If you aren't sure that you can make it please save your spot for someone else who needs it.  POLICIES.


You can gift your extra ticket or pair up with a friend and split the cost. But only one person registers and pays, then you'll get info about the BOGO ticket in your confirmation email.  

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Saturday, June 19th

11am to 2pm Pacific

2pm to 5pm Eastern

 Only $47
Sold Out!

Buy One Get One Free

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